‘I freeze my children’s packed lunches, some think it’s lazy but it’s a game-changer’

Every parent knows what a mad rush mornings can be on school days.

There’s uniform to put on, homework to find, and packed lunches to make, all on an ordinary day.

And sometimes an extra long to-do list can add to the chaos, if there’s show and tell, sports day, or a school trip too.

Luckily, a mum has shared the thing she always does when making packed lunches, which cuts time from her morning routine.

What’s more, she has explained how best to use the hack, which she claims is a “game-changer.”

Posting on TikTok as @ catherineholmes_life, the mum advised: “Pre-make and freeze sandwich for pack lunches – pull out on the morning you need them.”

She then shows her freezer stacked with ready-made lunches, in a sight sure to bring tears to the eyes of parents everywhere.

But not everyone was convinced by her simple trick, with several comments left pointing out the bread might go soggy and others branding it “lazy”.

Thankfully, Catherine was on hand to confirm her sandwiches are “not soggy at all”, which she puts down to making hers without butter and ensuring to remove excess air from the sandwich bag.

She added that her method “also keeps it cool as it defrosts in the bag through the morning.”

While some viewers said they prefer fresh sandwiches, the mum stood by her hack, which she said is also smart considering “bread is stale by the end of the week” and “ham runs out”.

Despite some criticism, her video clearly delighted several viewers.

It has racked up over 45,000 views, plus plenty of comments from parents eager to try her method of for themselves.

One person wrote: “Why have I never thought of this? Definitely giving this a go.”

Another added: “Absolute lifesaver!! hubby was well impressed and definitely made my week easier with three people’s sandwiches to make every day.”

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