Fuming mum branded ‘fun sponge’ after bedtime complaint about daughter’s sleepover

Parents will know that a routine is key for your kids – nobody wants a teacher telling them that their child could barely stay awake in a lesson.

However, at weekends and for special occasions, there may be some exceptions to the rules.

One mum didn’t think so, however, as she was furious that her eight-year-old daughter had stayed up until 4.30am at a sleepover with her friend from school.

She was so annoyed that she took to Mumsnet to ask others what they thought.

She wrote: “Just picked up my eight-year-old daughter from a sleepover at her friend from school’s house and it turns out she and her friend were up until 4.30 am.

“The mum came into the room and said it was time to calm down and go to sleep…at 4.30 am!

I’m really unhappy, in what world is letting eight-year-old girls stay awake till that time unaccompanied may I add as the mum was in her bed, okay?

“12am – fair enough, maybe 1am at a push if excited but 4.30am is ridiculous and my daughter is knackered.

“I don’t know whether to text the mum. She certainly won’t be back there for a sleepover. Am I being unreasonable?”

Other parents were confused why the mum was taking it so seriously when it was a one-off.

One wrote: “Did you ever go to stay at someone’s house when you were 8 years old? This is completely normal when you are 8 and excited.

“The mum could have told them to pipe down every hour from 11pm and it wouldn’t have made any difference.”

Another agreed: “Yep, totally normal, you are being unreasonable, sorry! We’ve done sleepovers and they always take the p**s a bit, it’s just part and parcel.

“My nine-year-old has conked out mid-afternoon after sleepovers several times. One night of no sleep won’t do them any harm, they’ll catch up! Early night tonight if she lasts that long and she’ll be totally fine.”

“Oh it’s no big deal. It was a one-off. Stop overreacting. Your daughter probably had loads of fun, even staying up past her bedtime. Don’t be a fun sponge”, one mum quipped.

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