Bride’s ‘mandatory’ £12 fee causes outrage – but wedding guests get unlimited drinks

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive – and savvy couples are always on the lookout for ways to save some cash.

But it can be tricky to figure out where to cut costs, when you want to go all out to celebrate the special day.

One of most difficult decisions a couple has to make is whether or not to offer an open bar.

Luckily, one bride-to-be thinks she has come up with an ingenious way to keep the booze flowing without breaking the bank, but not everyone is convinced.

The woman shared how she and her partner plan to pay for unlimited drinks for all guests, provided they make a “mandatory” $10 (£8) donation to their honeymoon or new house fund, plus a $5 (£4) tip to the bartender.

In her post, shared to Reddit ‘s wedding shaming forum, the woman explains: “So when you go to get your first drink you pay $15 (£12) total and the rest of the night is all FREE no tips required unless you want to tip the bartender again!”

But the bride-to-be then asked if her plan was “selfish”, explaining her family said she “shouldn’t make anyone put money to our honeymoon.”

Keen to further her side, she added: “WE ARE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING BY OURSELF WITH NO HELP…

“I think it’s fair and fine. And I don’t see anyone complaining. If they don’t like it then obviously they won’t be drinking.”

Her money-saving solution divided opinion, with some comments praising the “great deal” and others suggesting the couple were going about things the wrong way.

One person joked: “So $15 towards the honeymoon, and I can drink as much alcohol as I want? Why are people complaining? Whose wedding is this? I want to be invited.”

Another agreed: “This seems very fair to me idk weddings are expensive as hell and it’s an open bar beyond the 15.”

But not everyone likes the idea, with one person writing: “So it’s a cash bar. Just call it what it is. If they are paying, it’s not free.

“And of course, you are paying for the whole wedding yourself no help. That’s how it works honey. Get a grip.”

Some even suggested it is wrong to ask for any payment. “If you can’t afford the alcohol, you don’t serve it,” a person wrote.

However, most people appeared to find a middle ground between the two sides, as was summed up by a comment that read: “Seems like the problem here is them calling it an ‘open bar’ but charging. Just call it what it is…as everyone said, $15 is nothing, but it feels like a hustle based on how they are communicating it.”

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