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High School Simulator Review

High School Simulator is an application designed by KUMA GAMES. High School Simulator was first published on . High School Simulator is accessible on Steam, Other.

Japanese High School Life.
You can experience the school in the 3D world

[Game Function]
1.You Can Customize Boy and Girl.
2.Operate a High School Student.

[How to Play]
Operate with XBOX Controller or Keyboard

A : Left Move
D : Right Move
W: Front Move
S : Back Move
Space: Jump
Q: Grab human / Pick up item
F: Crouch / Attack
T: Action Button
Left Shift : Dash
LeftControl (LeftCommand) : Vision
Mouse L Click + Mouse Move: Camera Move

Xbox Controller
A: Jump
B: Grab human / Pick up item
X: Crouch / Attack
Y: Action Button
L: Dash
R: Vision
D-pad: Player Walk Move
L Stick = Player Move
R Stick = Camera Move

High School Simulator

3.5 / 5

High School Simulator Logo
Size: 1 MB available space

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